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Halloween Hotness 2.0 - Sci-Fi and Fantasy Theme Costume Party

Roosevelt Hotel

7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

This event has already passed by. Sorry.

Event Description

Celebrity Red Carpet Charity Event                                             Halloween Hotness 2.0 - Sci-Fi & Fantasy Themed Costume Party 

The Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood.
Saturday Oct 17

This event benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Costumes not required to join us in the celebration but recommended.

This is not an autograph show. Please do not bring items to be signed. 

Event will include

- DJ
- Costume Contest
- Red Carpet Arrivals
- Special Guest Celebrities 
- Media
- Cash Bar
- Live Auctions
- Dating Auction (5 women & 5 men)
- Burlesque Dancers
- Selfie Stations
- Raffles
- Karaoke
- Lip Sync Battle
- Movie Props
and much  more

Also, we the fans, will be awarding a "Lifetime Achievement Award" to Writer, Producer, Actor, Steven L. Sears

Here are some celebrity guests coming to Halloween Hotness 2.0 at the Roosevelt Hotel Oct 17:

Melanie Griffith - actress ("Working Girl", "Cherry 2000")
Chris Vance - actor ("Transporter: the series", "Rizzoli & Isles")
Katie Cleary 
- actress / model ("Deal or no Deal") 
Karissa & Kristina Shannon - ("Playboy's Girls Next Door")
Mindy Sterling
- actress ("Austin Powers", iCarly, "Legit")
Bai Ling
- actress ("The Crow")
Gretchen Bonaduce
- singer (Fatal 80's), actress 
Sophia Crawford - actress, stuntwoman ("Buffy", "Power Rangers")
Wally Wingert - voice over talent ("Family Guy", "Riddler - Batman video game")
Emii - pop singer, actress, ninja
Timothy Quill - actor ("Army of Darkness")
Alexis Iacono - actress, model
Devanny Pinn - Horror Scream Queen
Kelli Maroney - actress ("Night of the Comet")
Ty Simpkins - actor ("Jurassic World", "Iron Man 3", "Insidious 1 & 2")
Maitland Ward Baxter - actress ("White Chicks", "Boy meets World")
Catherine Mary Stewart - actress ("The Last Starfighter", "Night of the Comet", "Weekend at Bernie's")
Dana Workman - actress ("Haunted Highway"m Poker2Nite")
Dave Shelton
- award winning director, writer, voice actor
Alina Andrei - actress/stuntwoman ("Furious 7", "Sons of Anarchy", "Dexter")
Jennifer Wenger - actress / professional cosplayer
Cheryl "Lightning" Rusa - stuntwoman / wrestling legend
Tracey Birdsall - actress / writer / producer / hottie
Yancy Butler - actress ("Witchblade", "Drop Zone")
Corin Nemec - actor ("Stargate SG1", "Supernatural", "The Stand")
GLOW Girls - Ellen "MTV" O'Hara, Roxy Astor, Sunny the California Girl
The Cast of - "The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling"
Chris Riley - actor / professional cosplayer
Jillian Chiappone - actress
Rev. Bob Levy - comedian
Lauren Z Ray - comedian
Ryan Lambert - actor ("Monster Squad")
Hanna Hall - actress ("Forrest Gump", "Halloween)
Nick Principe - actor ("Femme Fatales", "American Muscle")
Diana TERRANOVA - actress ("Get Him to the Greek", "Sharknado 3")
Andre Gower - actor ("The Monster Squad")
Ashley Bank
- actress ("The Monster Squad")
Alicia Bellamy - professional cosplayer
Morgan Lariah - actress ("Starship Rising", "2-Star", "5th Passanger") 
Angelique Kenney - actress, model, athlete
Kristoff St. John - actor ("The Young and the Restless")
Little Bear - ("First Dog", "The Amazing Wizard of Paws")
Evan English - actor ("Star Trek: Enterprise")
Keith Coogan - actor ("Adventures in Babysitting", "Toy Soldiers")
Jessica McClain - actress ("The Amazing Burt Wonderstone")
Jiff the Pomeranian - internet sensation; world record holder
Rico E. Anderson - actor ("Star Trek: Renedades", "Modern Family")
Jeff Cohen - actor ("The Goonies")
Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe - the son of His Highness Prince Waldemar, descended of Danish Royalty, his mom H.H. Princess Feodora of Denmark.
Korrina Rico - actress & producer ("Abstraction", "Horrible Bosses 2")
The Cast of "The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling"
Sue Wong - celebrity fashion designer 
Alana Evans - actress
James DuMont - actor ("American Horror Story", "Jurassic World", "Speed")
Will Beinbrink - actor ("Sin City: A Dame to Kill For", "I saw the Light")
Sean Patrick Murphy - ("Project Greenlight", "Avatar")
Gabe Jarret - actor ("Real Genius", "Frost/Nixon", "Apollo 13")
Lauren Shaw - actress/stuntwoman ("Zero Dark Thirty", "Evil Dead", "Lucifer") 
Ashley Arpel - actress ("Unconventionally L.A.", "The Runner")
Danielle Vasinova - actress ("Red Dead", "Among us", "Shinjuku")
Cynthia Rothrock - actress ("Above the Law", "Lady Dragon", "The Martial Arts Kid")
Marilyn Ghigliotti - actress ("Clerks", "Starship: Rising")
Nicholas Brendon - actor ("Buffy: The Vampire Slayer")
Vida Ghaffari - actress ("The Mindy Project")
Jo-Ann Hilton - socialite 
Josh Moreland - musician
Jaime Monroy - comedian, talk show host
Stoil Stoilov - magician
Tarah Paige - actress /stunt woman ("Insidious 3", "Alice in Wonderland")
Torrei Hart - actress ("Atlanta Exes", "But Deliver us from Evil")
Erin O'Brien - actress ("Jailbait, "12/12/12", "Fight Valley")
Brittney Powell - actress ("Xena: Warrior Princess", "Trouble is my Business")
Megan Duffy - actress ("Maniac", Torchwood: Miracle Day", Messiah")
Vincent Caso - actor ("The Guild")
Mandy Amano - actress ("Coyote Ugly", "The Sun Devil and the Princess")
John Savage - actor ("Hair", "The Deer Hunter")
Curtis Lepore - internet sensation
Kristina Karo - comedian, singer

more guests to be announced soon

As always guests subject to change, but this is just the beginning.

Special thanks to:
2 Kneady Girls
They will be on-site with sample pastries and additional items for the raffle

Party Rex
They will bring their T-Rex for photos, video and a good scare, you won't want to miss this
IG: @party_rex
FB: /party-rex

While I wish EVERYONE can be with us I understand that people want to help. I have made a special donation page with National Breast Cancer Foundation that is linked to our event.  

Visit this link to make a donation: to make a donation.  

Only give if you have, don't break the bank, don't feel obligated.  No matter how small, every dollar helps.  

Thank you all for support and generosity I've seen since this event began.

Check back often for new information on this event as time grows near!

Map of Event Location
October 17th, 2015  6:00 pmOctober 18th, 2015  12:00 am